Calendar, Schedules, and Books

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar Theology 2024-2025 (6.07.24)


The McAfee school year consists of Fall, Spring, and two 5-Week Summer Intensive Terms. To see the course schedule for a term, select the link below.

Online Course Offerings

Courses required for the online Masters Degree programs will be offered Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays between 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. (EST). All students, including those living outside of the Eastern Standard Time zone, are required to attend required synchronous sessions at the prescribed time and be an active participant with their camera on. Students should be aware of differences in time zones when scheduling their courses.


Cross-Registration applications (see ATA Form below) must be approved by and signed by Dr. Karen Massey, Associate Dean.  Master’s-level, degree seeking students may cross-register for up to 4 electives during their McAfee career. The application deadline for Summer is May 1, the deadline for Fall is July 26, and the deadline for Spring is December 1. You will need to check the course schedules at consortium schools (Candler School of Theology and Columbia Theological Seminary) for course options. You may submit paperwork after you have located a course and before the deadline.

Students are responsible for asking about and paying any additional fees at the host school, including parking fees.


Atlanta Bookstore
You can view the book lists for each class and purchase your books by visiting the Atlanta bookstore on campus or online at

You will need to know your course and section numbers

For example, to search for textbooks for “Foundations in Old Testament” (THOT 500) on Tuesdays/Thursdays (.24)

  • Go to the Mercer University Campus Bookstore webpage:
  • Click the link “Course Materials & Textbooks”
  • Select “Find Course Materials”
  • Select a Campus: Atlanta
  • Select the Term: for example, Fall 24.  Note: the bookstore may use “Winter” to refer to the Spring semester.
  • Select the Department: for example, THOT
  • Select the Course: for example, 500
  • Select the section: for example, .24
  • You may enter a single course or add additional courses.
  • Select “Retrieve Materials.