Reimagining Tomorrow Initiative

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Reimagining Tomorrow Initiative

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McAfee School of Theology began in 1994 as a dream. The Reimagining Tomorrow Initiative is allowing us to dream again to:

  1. Re-calibrate the seminary student formational experience
  2. Re-center the church in the theological education experience
  3. Re-imagine the McAfee School of Theology learning community

Over the next 3 years we will center our focus on:

  • Contextual education for students
  • Continued education for alumni and community partners (click to offer feedback on what you’d like to see)
  • Peer connection and support for alumni
  • Vocational formation, discernment, and calling programming for all stakeholders
  • Amplifying diverse voices within the McAfee community

A Message from the Director of the Grant: Rev. Leah Jackson

The Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative is propelling McAfee School of Theology forward and has led to the development of the Re-Imagining Tomorrow Initiative (Initiative). The mission of McAfee remains a relevant and viable anchor for the school, however, McAfee is using this Initiative to re-think, re-consider, and revise some of its methodology and foci. The goal of the Initiative is to “dream again.”  As McAfee is re-imagining the future of its role in theological education, we hope to provide a more impactful seminary student formational experience, provide more intentional support for our diverse student body, and engage and support the Church in more valuable ways. Won’t you dream with us?