Students at Mercer University

Applicants who wish to enroll in one or more Masters level courses at McAfee School of Theology without pursuing a degree may apply to take classes by (1) auditing a class, (2) enrolling as a non-degree for credit student, or  (3) enrolling in the Graduate Certificate for Theological Studies Program (for credit).



Applicants wishing to audit a class must complete the audit application and be officially registered as audit students. Audit students do not take exams or submit work and they do not receive grades or academic credit. Limited classes are available for auditing and only as space allows.

The audit fee for courses at McAfee is $150.00 per course.  There is also a facility/technology fee per semester charged as follows:  1 – 8 credit hours = $17 per credit hour;  9 or more credit hours = $150.00

Complete Audit Application


Non-Degree for credit

Applicants who wish to enroll in one or more Masters level courses at McAfee School of Theology without pursuing a degree but wish to receive academic credit should apply as a non-degree for credit student. Non-degree for credit students complete the same required course work and hours as degree seeking students for a required course.

Applicants must have met the individual course prerequisite requirement(s). If the applicant wishes to apply to a degree program in the future, courses taken as a non-degree student will be evaluated according to the requirements of the curriculum that is current at the time of application.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Biographical Information (Begin Application)
  • Official Transcripts required from all higher educational institutions previously attended. Applicants are required to have a regionally accredited bachelor's degree with a liberal arts core or proof of an equivalent degree from a foreign university.
  • Background check* Completed online at Castle Branch, or call 1-888-666-7788 for more information. Please allow up to two weeks for us to receive the report. The package cost is $33.50, which must be ordered and purchased directly online by the applicant. The admissions office will supply the appropriate step-by-step directions on how to complete the background check. Please download instructions to order your background check and have it sent to the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University. (International students having obtained an F-1 visa are excluded from the background check requirement).
  • Application Fee


  • Tuition $455 per credit hour
  • Facility/technology fee per semester charged as follows: 1 – 8 credit hours = $17 per credit hour; 9 or more credit hours = $150.00

*Failure to undergo the background check will result in exclusion from admission consideration. An individual with a criminal conviction is not automatically excluded from admission; the School will evaluate the time frame, nature, gravity, and relevancy of the conviction or charge offense in making a decision. Applicants may appeal the decision and will have the opportunity to present information to dispute the background check.

Complete Non-degree application