Master of Divinity

You will find the Master's degrees offered at McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University to be the very best theological training for ministers and other servants. McAfee offers the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degrees, as well as a number of Dual Degree Programs.

Track Options (click here for a brief description of each)

Dual Degree Options

Total M.Div. hours: 90

Required Courses: 48 hrs

Students are required to take the specific, required classes below. Students with a background in theology and/or biblical studies may be able to replace a foundational course with a more advanced elective in that area.

Intro to Theological Thinking & Writing 3 hrs
Spiritual Formation

3 hrs

Choose One: Intro to Biblical Languages, Hebrew Exegesis I, Hebrew Exegesis II, Greek Exegesis I, Greek Exegesis II, Advanced Language Elective

3 hrs
Foundations in Old Testament or Advanced Elective in OT

3 hrs

Foundations in New Testament or Advanced Elective in NT 3 hrs
Foundations in Church History or Advanced Elective in CH 3 hrs
Foundations in Theology or Advanced Elective in Theology 3 hrs
Ethics or Advanced Elective in Ethics 3 hrs
Preaching or Advanced Elective in Preaching 3 hrs
Faith Development or Advanced Elective in Christian Education 3 hrs
Baptist Heritage (Required for all students receiving Baptist scholarships.  Non-Baptist students may take a polity course in their own denomination. 3 hrs
Missional Theology 3 hrs
Pastoral Care 3 hrs
Worship 3 hrs
Leadership 3 hrs
Capstone 3 hrs

Prescribed Electives: 18 hrs

Students are required to take courses in prescribed, particular areas (listed below), but may choose from a wide range of options.

Spirituality 3 hrs
Old Testament 3 hrs
New Testament 3 hrs
Church History 3 hrs
Theology 3 hrs
*Contextual Ministry 3 hrs

*Pastoral Care Track and M.Div./M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling students must satisfy this requirement with CPE; Global Christianity Track students must satisfy this requirement with a global placement; Urban Mission Track students must satisfy this requirement with an urban placement.

Free Electives:  9 hrs

Students are able to choose from a wide range of electives.

Track Electives: 15 hrs

Students will be able to enroll in a variety of coursework. Students will choose courses based on their area of interest and their need for strengthening particular ministry skills. The student's faculty advisor will provide guidance and approval for all track electives.  Please refer to specific Track or Dual degree Templates for more detailed information.

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