Advent: God With Us

Psalm 125  

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
   which cannot be moved, but abides for ever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
   so the Lord surrounds his people,
   from this time on and for evermore.
For the sceptre of wickedness shall not rest
   on the land allotted to the righteous,
so that the righteous may not stretch out
   their hands to do wrong.
Do good, O Lord, to those who are good,
   and to those who are upright in their hearts.
But those who turn aside to their own crooked ways
   the Lord will lead away with evildoers.
   Peace be upon Israel!

When you think of Christmas-related words, does stability ring loudly as one of your favorites? It is not usually one you see on wall art or holiday cards! While not the most popular, this nine-letter word fully encompasses this season of remembering and anticipation. Within an Old Testament prayer song, we read of the gift of stability, packaged in God’s truth and peace. 

Psalm 125 presents us with the first part of our priceless gift, something the world is in a constant hunt for, truth. Here, with our eyes and hearts ever fixed on Him, we are reminded that God is the creator of truth. Instead of searching and clamoring like so many for this treasure, we have been given a sure foundation of it. But what is this truth that we have been gifted? Exampled by His nature, everything God says happens. His words are reliable and character trustworthy. Five verses help us recall that God is constant and never changing, a protector of both His people and His promises. This season, we see evidence of God’s truth in the incarnation of Jesus. In the greatest act of humility, the Son of God was reminding all of us that a promise of salvation was made and He intended to keep it. God is truth. In the spirit of remembering, consider for a few moments how God has been faithful and true to you. How have you experienced the Trinity’s consistency and truth this month? How is Jesus taking on flesh for you a gift?  

The second part of stability’s gift is peace. While not keeping us immune from hurt or pain, God’s peace offers balance when life seems to teeter-totter. For some, it is hard to utter the words that “God is peace”, especially during this season. There are hurts present, longings unmet, and questions unanswered. And yet, when we hold fast to the truth that God’s goodness is not defined in human terms but in divine realms, true peace can offer an unexplainable rest for our souls. It is the reminder that we find stability not in the things or people around us, but in the only One who can offer true security and uphold it. Situations may not change, but our line of sight shifts. In a way that does not make sense to many, we can keep looking to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, with teary eyes of hope and anticipation. The very thing we may be longing for, the thing that helps right our heart and mind, has been graciously given. God’s goodness and peace will not end. So family, let us stop again for a brief moment. What area of your life needs an infusion of hope and peace? This season, how is God helping you see His goodness? 

Today, may we intentionally slow down to ponder the weight and surety of the promises God has given to us. May we trust in the One who offers us truth and peace. May we embrace the gift of stability that only the Babe of Bethlehem brings.  

Melissa Perry

Melissa Perry is a first year student at McAfee and the Associate Pastor of Celebration Church in Hoschton, GA. Ask her what makes her smile and she will quickly say her husband, Jason, three boys, teaching, and coffee. Daily, she finds herself in awe of God’s grace, love, and creativity.