Alumni Awards Past Recipients

Imagine. Discover. Create.

Imagine Award

The Imagine Award celebrates inspiration and vision. This award is given to an alumna/alumnus who exhibits visionary leadership, a willingness to take risks, and to speak and act prophetically.

2019 - Clayton Davis
2020 - Keith Hammond
2021 - Kristian Smith
2022 - Angela Yarber

Discover Award

The Discover Award celebrates discernment and truth. This award is given to an alumna/alumnus who exhibits a commitment to life-long learning, the exploration of truth, and teaching and learning in ways that bring about new discoveries for students, churches, and/or communities.

2019 - Anthony Neal
2020 - Cody Sanders
2021 - William Deal
2022 - Justin Bishop

Create Award

The Create Award celebrates faithful action. This award recognizes an alumna/alumnus who puts his or her faith into action in tangible and practical ways, making a meaningful difference in the community and the world.

2019 - Missy Ward Angalla
2020 - Sara Robb-Scott
2021 - Maria Robertson
2022 - John Uldrick

R. Alan Culpepper Lifetime Achievement Award

Alan Culpepper, Ph.D. is the founding dean of the McAfee School of Theology and served the school faithfully for twenty years. This award recognizes an alumna/alumnus whose accomplishments leave behind pathways of tradition for others to follow. This award celebrates contributions over the whole of a career.

2019 - Truett Gannon
2020 - Peter Rhea Jones
2021 - Thomas Slater
2022 - Nancy deClaissé-Walford