Financial Information

Tuition costs per credit hour may change from year to year for the D. Min. Program.  The per-credit-hour tuition fee is $350 per credit hour for the 2015-16 academic year.

Based on the current level of tuition of $350 per credit hour or $11,550 for the program, the following summary of course requirements and costs for the program should be anticipated. A typical expectation for fees for tuition would be:

  • Year One- $3,500
  • Year Two-$3,500
  • Year Three-$4,550
  • TOTAL-$11,550

Costs of books, travel, living on campus, some costs for Spiritual Practice, fees for Project Thesis binding, and commencement regalia will be in addition to these fees.

Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid is available for qualified students enrolled for at least 3 hours of credit through loans, federal work-study, and the Montgomery GI Bill. Information concerning need-based financial aid, including monthly payment plans, is available at the service counter in the Enrollment Services Center, by calling 678-547-6134, or by going to the Financial Aid Information Website.