Karen Gwynn Massey

Massey_K_01Associate Dean for Masters Degree Programs and Associate Professor of Christian Education and Faith Development and Holder of Watkins Christian Foundation Chair

Ph.D. 1991, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.A. 1985, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, BSEd 1983, University of Georgia

Office: (678) 547-6460
Fax: (678) 547-6478
E-mail: massey_k@mercer.edu


Karen Gwynn Massey is the Associate Professor of Christian Education and Faith Development and the holder of the Watkins Christian Foundation Endowed Chair. Dr. Massey received her MA in Christian Education and Ph.D. degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Before her arrival at McAfee, she served as the Associate Pastor of Northside Drive Baptist Church in Atlanta,GA. At McAfee, Dr. Massey teaches in the area of practical ministry, with her major areas of interest being Faith Development and Worship. She teaches Faith Development, Worship, Church Administration, several Christian Education courses, and Women’s studies.

Dr. Massey was a founding member and past president of the Christian Educators' Network, a professional, ecumenical organization for ministers in the field of Christian education. She served as a board member and past president (2002-2005) of the national organization of Baptist Women in Ministry. In addition, Dr. Massey has published numerous articles, book chapters and curriculum pieces. Some of her publications include the Vacation Bible School curriculum series, Under Construction; "Christian Education Developments in the 20th Century" in Review & Expositor"Women Leaders in the Church" in Putting Women in Their Place: The Baptist Debate Over Female Equality; and "African-American Spirituals" and "Martin Luther King, Jr." in The Encyclopedia of Spiritual and Religious Development in Childhood and Adolescence. She has also just completed her new book entitled, And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: Sermons by Women in Baptist Life, published by Mercer University Press.

Aside from writing and teaching, Dr. Massey is a member at Northside Drive Baptist Church in Atlanta. She has served as the Church Moderator and head of the Church Council.  Dr. Massey serves on the Music-Worship Committee and Personnel Committee. Dr. Massey enjoys challenges. Several years ago, on a dare, she bungee jumped off a ten-story platform.Her next challenge will be sky-diving. She is also a dog-lover, and has two Shih Tzus named Sam and Murphy.

“The greatest joy for me at McAfee is in investing in the lives of the students who come our way. It is an honor to be on, what I call, a “sacred journey” with students as they grow and mature into their calling and ministerial identity. I love sharing their joys, struggles, questions, and doubts as they grapple with theological ideas, develop ministry skills, and grow spiritually. Investing in their lives is a gift to me personally; it is a gift to them professionally; and it is a gift to the future vitality of the Church.” -- Dr. Karen G. Massey

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