McAfee School of Theology

Course Schedules


The McAfee school year consists of Fall, Spring Terms and Summer Terms. To see the course schedule for a term, select the link below.

Spring 2014 Course Schedule
Revised 01/04/2014

Summer 2014 Course Schedule (with room numbers)
Revised 5/19/2014

Fall 2014 Course Schedule
Revised 7/16/2014

Book List

You may view and/or purchase book for each class by visiting the Atlanta bookstore on campus or online at

For example, to search for textbooks for Foundations in Old Testament (THOT 500.24)…

  1. Go to the Atlanta Campus Bookstore webpage:
  2. Click the link "Textbooks"
  3. Select "Find Textbooks"
  4. Select a Campus: Atlanta
  5. Select the Term: for example, Fall 2013
  6. Select the Department: for example, THOT
  7. Select the Course: for example, 500
  8. Select the section: for example, .24
  9. You may enter a single course or multiple courses.
  10. Select "Find materials."

Consortium Class Options