McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University is proud to house three distinct Mercer Centers. Click on the following links to explore each of them in more detail. 

Baugh Center

Baugh Center for Baptist Leadership offers academic programs and promotes research initiatives that bring students, professors, pastors and other Baptist leaders into collaborative relationships. It also attracts Baptist leaders and emerging leaders from around the world for conferences, sabbatical leaves, and to pursue research and educational programs.

Center for Theology & Public Like

Center for Theology and Public Life promotes public dialogue, research, and constructive solutions related to important public issues to which theology and ethical reflection can make a significant contribution. The CTPL plans, hosts, and supports events that model civic, constructive, and substantive conversation about major issues in public life such as poverty and economic justice, human rights, crime and the death penalty, international peacemaking, biomedical ethics, family and sexuality, church-state relations, national identity, immigration, etc. The CTPL seeks whenever possible to encourage dialogue toward constructive solutions for the common good.

Center for Teaching Churches

Center for Teaching Churches is a pioneer effort to fill this transitional and educational need for McAfee’s newly graduated ministers. It is also an opportunity for churches to extend their ministries by partnering with McAfee in the training of ministers.